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(Ye Gyoung Choi)

Born in South Korea (1989)

based in Oslo


  • [Padon/Art4Ukraine] Annastina Eyjolfsdottir and io Sivertsen, part of 'Freedom of Expression at Nobel Peace Center, and Rådhusplassen 08-09/2022 

  • [Padon/Art4Ukraine] Annastina Eyjolfsdottir and Jakub Baloun, KUNSTAUKSJON - I SOLIDARITET MED UKRAINA, Kyiv Biennial, Kunstplass l 12/05/2022

  • Visual Artist for a book publishing, symposium at Ultima Festival in Oslo and Montreal, Nordic countries, and Quebec l 09-12/2022

  • [Film Screening] ELCAT, Performing Precarity, 2-metre Harmony by Laurence Crane, LASTER by Lisa Streich, Stuttgart, Germany l 03/02/2022

  • Ellen Ugelvik's research group Performing Precarity at Oslo National Academy of Music l 2019-2022


  • Video Artist at Performing Precarity at Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills, Dokkhuset, Trondheim l 20/10/2021 

  • Digital Production for KVEITA og CAROLUS – Karl XIIs liv og død, led by Geir Johnson, Parkteatret, Oslo l 15/08/2021

  • (Installation and performance) Mellomrom, Kampen Omsorg+, Oslo l 06-08/2021

  • Urban Bee Farm Project, Ulvenbigård, Ulven, Oslo l 05/2021-Present

  • Film screening at [The AEC European Platform for Artistic Research in Music EPARM 2021] with Performing Precarity led by Ellen Ugelvik l 19/03/2021


  • Social Art Award (Book), Institute for Art and Innovation e.V, Berlin l 02/2020

  • Koumaria 2020 in Sellasia, Medea Electronique, Greece (Postponed due to COVID-19) l 05/2020

  • Development Goals Forum (Partner with UN), Virtual Reality team (Visual Artist), Oslo l 2020

2011- 2019​​​​

  • Official Selection(Gironzalon) Amarcort Film Festival, Rimini, Italy l 11/2019

  • Farm, Degree Show, kunstnernes hus, Oslo l 05/2019

  • OGA VideoArt Exhibitions 2018/2019, Rome l 10/2018

  • HAFFI International Film Festival, South Korea l 30/06/2018

  • They Had Four Years, Generator, Dundee l 05-06/2018

  • En Person is available to buy at Good Press, Glasgow l 06/2018

  • MISS READ: Berlin Art Book Festival 2018 at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin l 04-06/05/2018

  • Elementene, Black Box, Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, Oslo l 26-28l02l2018

  • Coming Soon(The Normal Pavillion; 01/10/2017

  • Coming Soon; It's Coming- Tontine, Glasgow l 08-16/06/2017

  • Congratulation! at Glue Factory, Glasgow l 10/03/2016

  • Blind Friday at Tontine, Glasgow  l 27/11/2015

  • Notice of Public Execution at Reid Building, Glasgow l 19/10/2015 ​

  • Another Ordinary Day; Out of Order Performance at Bourdon, Glasgow l 22/04/2015

  • Value of the art-Installation in Bourdon, Glasgow | 05/2014

  • Reputation Barter - Amsterdam and Kelvingrove Park l 2014

  • Find Me If You Can-Performance-Reid Building, Glasgow | 03/2014

  • Who The Heck Is Lea-Performance-Glasgow School of Art |03/2014

  • Sky Burial- Performance-Glasgow School of Art | 03/2014

  • Gummy Landmine- Mackintosh Building, Glasgow  |03/2014

  • Pea in Pee, The Art School Gallery, Glasgow | 28/02/2014​

  • Not Worth the Paper, The Art School Gallery, Glasgow | 14/10/2013

  • Laughing Tree Gallery (Group Exhibition), Seoul | 16/09/2011

  • Pub HBC, Seoul (Solo Exhibition)| 15/11/2011

Education and Awards

  • Oslo National Academy of Arts/ Kunstakademiet i Oslo -Master of Fine Arts (08/2017-05/2019)

  • [First Class]Glasgow School of Art (University of Glasgow)- Bachelor of Fine Arts(Hons) (2016-17)

  • Glasgow School of Art- Painting and Printmaking BA (2013-16)

  • [Padon] Art for Ukraine, Fritt ord (2022)

  • Arts Council Norway- Ny­utdannede Kunstnere scholarship (2019)

  • Government (Scotland)International Scholarship for GSA(2013/14)


  • Social Art Award, Institute for Art and Innovation e.V, Berlin l 02/2020

  • Language, Oslo National Academy of Arts, LEA,  Oslo l 05/2019

  • En Person - Self-Publishing, LEA, Oslo l 03/2018


Glasgow School of Art Degree Show 2017


Collective Works and Artistically Relevant Experiences 

  • Art Collective Padon with Annastina Eyjolfsdottir and io Sivertsen l 2022-

  • Ellen Ugelvik's research group at Oslo National Academy of Music l 2019-2022

  • Translator for introduction film of Bong Jun-ho(Director of Parasitt) at Film fra Sør l 2020

  • Video Documentation for Goodbye Intuition, Oslo National Academy of Music l 2020

  • Translator for Park Chan-wook (Director of Oldboy) at Film fra Sør l 2019 

  • Technical Assistant for Claire de Wangen Production l 10/2019

  • Marked På Paul's at Paul's Boutique with Ida Ribu and Stina Bråthen l 07/04/2018

  • Degree Show After Party; Stage design(Vic Bar) with Trendy Sexy l 17/06/2016

  • Daemonologie; Stage design (The Art School) with Trendy Sexy l 28/10/2016



  • Film Documentations for Goodbye Intuition, Norwegian Academy of Music l 2020

  • Film for '5 minutter igjen' and 'Music & Health', Pinquins x Ultima l 2020

  • Film Documentation for Folk og Dyr, BEK l 12/2020

  • Stage development, Sign designs, and construction for Center U, Claire de Wangen l 2020

  • Video Workshop Consultant for NOTAM(Norwegian Centre for Technology in Music and Art), Oslo l 2021

  • [Film] Trailers for  'Periferien Festival' led by Nymusikk (Jennifer Torrence) l 08/2020-07/2021

  • [Film] Trailer for Den Lokale Venneforening, Oslo l 07/ 2021

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