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My work is a research-based approach to issues of human conflict. I use a wide variety of techniques and mediums to create hybrid between analogue and new technology. The aesthetic I am aiming for with this hybrid technique recalls the propaganda games from the Cold War, but updated and glossy to depict the on-going commercial conflict, news conflict, and language conflict. The goal of the work is to present a nostalgic environment to the audience.  To show that the war hasn't stopped, just evolved. I am working to emphasize the importance of the position of individual human beings in the political propaganda games. I try to put a voice to the individual stuck under these powers at war.


My work might be heavy in theme, but I try to relate it with humor. The situation that we are faced with is so absurd when looked at from our position of powerlessness, laughter seems like an appropriate response. A braver response than despair.  


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