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Language, 3mins 59 sec, digital video, 2019

Director and musical composition _LEA

The Series of Barabonda(2019) create minimal electronic music as a language.

In Language, my personal thought is translated into Morse code and re-creates a new wave of communication with minimalistic rhythm and

musical notes with visual examples as moving diagrams.


Making art with strong themes to attain the civilized communication between political impasses create difficulty of public interaction. Appealing to the idea and thought of politics sometimes require a strong tone of voice. In contrast, in Language, I describe my thought, concepts and political ideas within minimalistic rhythm and musical notes to communicate instead of doing so through oral language. This practice perhaps appeals to the audience allusively to explore their self-reflection, contemplation, concentration and interaction for the fundamental approach of the ideas.

In Language, the film contains a moving diagram with a repetitive appearance, which encourages the audience to understand practice to support my minimalistic language. For example, Japanese scientists in Kyoto University trained a chimpanzee named Ai (born in 1976)  by showing it fast and repetitive images of colour and words(Kanji) on the computer screen; Ai has constantly exposed the repetitive rectangular images with colour and practising to connect with the words(Kanji), and finally understood the relationship between human language and image. In addition, when Ai clicked the correct words according to the visual image, the chimpanzee received a prize(snacks) from the computer vending machine. Ai understood the contingent rule of connecting the visual image with human words and perhaps started to understand the human ideas and communication and how to convey the phenomenon.

Moreover, humans are also doing a similar practice, according to Ludwig Wittgenstein. For instance, when we were infants we practised language through language games, which among others are showing various images of apples (even though an individual apple has a different shape, colour and taste) and heard the repetitive oral sound and visual examples to figure out the expression of connotations of the phenomenon. 

In Language, this primitive technique could be efficiently supportive to find the connection between my minimalistic and electronic language and visual ideas.

Which structure will we use to communicate with computer AI in the future? Will the imperfections of our systems of communication be the undoing of our thinking machines?

I carefully put together both theories and techniques by using 16mm film, digital video, woodwork and metalwork for installation, cinematography, graphic design, writing, sound design, musical composition, etc.

All practices have been made with a delicate composition of craftmanship in order to increase the clarity in the expression of my ideas.

Inseang, 8mins 33sec, digital video 2019

Co-scriptwriter_ Joe Tetrick

Musical composition_Camera_Cinematography_Director_ LEA

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