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Fauxhibition I (Part of Simulacra), 2020

VR, Digital Media

<<Being for living creatures is Life>> Gilbert Murray, Five Stages of Greek Religion, Anchor edition, p.45

During the Pandemic, transforming live art into digitalization became inevitable. Humans create mechanical reproductions of their works and archive them into an immortal form on the worldwide web. These modern artefacts called ‘data’ aggregate in cyberspace and are presented back to humans through digital algorithms. My work Simulacra (2020-2021) depicts these manufacturing systems of digital algorithms and data collection, and it appeals back to the human, which is curated by AI.

The series of Simulacra consist of Choochul(추출) and Fauxibition. Choochul means ‘Extraction’ in Korean. The image of Choochul depicts the infinite production of data in a loop. In addition, it is presenting the human desire to archiving mortal data into an immortal world. In Fauxibition(2020) I exquisitely curated an artificial environment by using multiple mechanical reproduced images and distorted them repeatedly to create a neo-world with 3D rendering, which became hyperreal. The series of Simulacra is taxidermy of the mortal world into an immortal space that perpetuates men's desires, which became living creatures and have a hyperreal life in the artist herself and cyberspace.

Fake E0001.jpg

Fauxhibition (Part of Simulacra), 2020


Choo Chul II (Part of Simulacra), 2020

3D video

Choo Chul (Part of Simulacra), digital media, 2020

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