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Elementene(2018) is related to my last performance in 2017, Coming Soon; It´s Coming in Glasgow, Scotland. The show was based upon the fear of nuclear war and the war industry’s tie in with blind consumption. Issues of justice and victimization for marketing were also important elements in the work. Elementene is continuing the theme of conflict, but focusing on the dehumanization of the people, especially the everyday citizens of foreign countries. Mass media and political campaigns use symbolic terms as a technique to dehumanize the masses.

Elementene has transformed into the element of an atomic bomb. This atomic symbol depicts the citizens who feel like pawns on a chessboard and are not represented or are ignored by current media. 


The poem of Elementene is part of the film installation with sound escape at Generator Project, Dundee, Scotland. This perhaps reinforces my message that despite our differences, the everyday people, the pawns, have more in common with each other, from every country, than they do with the elite rulers who are leading people to war and death.

The everyday woman, child, and man are the ones who suffer in the end.


Elementene attempts to bring my political and philosophic research to life. 


For Elementene I used epoxy, silicon, glass fibre, wood, rubber, and metal for the sculptural aspects and set design. I then filmed a stop motion animation using a 16mm camera. I also carefully manipulated the piece with controlled lights and space with silent disco technology, which creates radio waves which capture the whispers of "the others".


Elementene consists of 2300 frames to make just over 1-minute animation video. Also, all of the blueprints (drawings) are hand-drawn in a style that seeks to evoke the cold-war period, which still is an ongoing concern.

Elementene (2019) 16mm,

Oslo National Academy of Arts(Oslo, Norway)

Generator Project(Dundee, Scotland)

HAFFI Film festival(Chung-ju, South Korea)

Amarcort Film Festival(Rimini, Italy)

Co-Scriptwriter_Joe Tetrick

Special Thanks to Greg Pope 

They Had 4 Years, Generator, Dundee, 2018

Group Exhibition with Alice Martin, Yvette Bathgate,Kaitlyn Dunsmore, Lea and Jonny Walker. Curated by Andy Slater, Hari Macmillan and Zsofia Jakab

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