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Farm, collaborated with Eva Rosa Hollup, 20mins Kunstneres Hus, Oslo, 2019

Artists_Eva Rosa Hollup and LEA

Voice_Kornelia Remø Klokk

Photo_Istvan Virag

Farm is based on a journey of two artists (Eva Rosa Hollup and LEA), who were up brought in two different locations; in the east(South Korea) and the west(Norway). 


The journey began when Eva Rosa and LEA were visiting a small fisherman's town called Sleneset, which is located in the Northern part of Norway. They were exploring the harsh environments in the Norwegian Sea to contemplate the ideas of human existence in the modern world. 

Farm is an essay film that captured the discourse between Eva Rosa and LEA about the form of waves. The form of waves, which create diverse movements and transitions, that link between the idea of nature and humans, race and genders and human identities, borders and globalization, microorganisms and climate change. 


The work is welcoming the audience into our collective thoughts, which included a sound escape with projection mapping in an isolated black box. The installation of Farm creates a remote sensation of the space which mimic the impression of being submerged in water in the salmon farm with a quiet speech narration.


​The installation of Farm encourages the audience to participate in our discourse and collectiveness on a personal level, and explore the idea of society, togetherness, and communication.

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